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I'm interested in and write about a wide variety of topics - economics, psychology, marketing, music, etc. I prefer writing long articles to short posts and don't update very often.

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Business & Productivity (Getting Things Done!)

Notes on Getting Things Done, and general productivity tips and tricks.

Why Most Businesses Fail (A Theoretical Model)

"We should start our own business," she said, not knowing what it really entailed. Thoughts of expenses and distant profits danced in my head.


Delegating, waiting. What do you do when you give a task to someone else. Do you track it? What list does it go on? Or if you're waiting for something and you need to track it, how far do you go before your @waiting list grows to several hundred items?

What context do I put my Next Actions in?

When implementing GTD, more than anything else, people seem to be confused with what @contexts their Next Actions should be in.

Recovering From a Catastrophic Failure

My computer wouldn't turn on. I didn't know what had caused it. It would be a few days before I could track down the problem. Was I able to continue working?

You There, at the Computer: Pay Attention

Damnit, the NY Times keeps stealing articles from me and not attributing them to me.

Ready To Test For Your Belt? (Getting Things Done)

How far have you come in implementing GTD? According to this checklist from David Allen, I'm somewhere between Brown Belt and Black Belt.

Cascading Next Actions (Getting Things Done)

Explaining the idea of Next Actions to my girlfriend, I thought of something that could help make Next Actions even more helpful.

Getting Back To Work: A Personal Productivity Toolkit

I procrastinate. You procrastinate. We all procrastinate. Let's get back to work.

You can do anything - but not everything

Everyone's favorite personal productivity guru David Allen has some tips how to keep up the pace -- without wearing yourself out.

The Merchants of Meme

Drop a pebble in just the right spot and you can start marketing Avalanche. Or "What Webloggers and MTV have in common."

Getting Things Done!

A new contract where I work 6 hours a day has me thinking about productivity.

Decision Theory

Decision theory was always something that interested me, and it's something I used when figuring out what to buy for my home studio. Here are a few models to help confuse your further.

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